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Design Thinking

Digital transformation and technology evolution is creating newer and newer opportunities for businesses. For example

·         Provide new customer experience leveraging social, mobile, analytics and cloud

·         Enable agility through effective management of IT assets

·         Provide efficiency through reduced cost of operations

It is easy to get lost in these oceans of opportunities and deviate from the business needs. A solution with the best technology stack, but not meeting the customer needs may not create disruption and maximum return on investment. 

This is where design thinking powered focus helps! Design thinking has customer needs at its core so that the new solution does not take the focus away from the customer needs. Customers will be willing to pay more only if they see value. A solution can have high value in the eyes of customers only if it satisfies their needs.

In our 2-day workshop, we will help participants understand what is design thinking and how is it different from conventional methods. We will introduce our 7-step process that will enable any person to systematically adopt design thinking and innovation. We will also teach multiple techniques that can be used in the 7 steps to trigger creativity, group synergies and avoid conflicts. 

The workshop will help you practically learn on the following areas:

·         Understanding and applying a 7-Step process for Design Thinking and Innovation

·         Use a structured methodology to drive and sustain innovation within your teams

·         Identify and define a creative problem statement that can help in introducing break-through or incremental innovation

·         Use different tools and techniques that can help define a problem statement and generate ideas to address a problem

·         Distinguishing between incremental innovation and radical innovation when creating new solutions

·         Researching and understanding the complex network of stakeholders involved in any project

·         Rapidly creating and refining a vision for any product or service to align technical and non-technical audiences

·         Effectively understanding if your end-users will be delighted by your product or service

·         Practice the different tools and techniques in different situations

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May 20, 2017 — 9:00 am to
May 21, 2017 — 5:30 pm

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HHI International
JP Nagar, 2nd Phase
Bengaluru, Karnataka